Top 10 Cutest Anime Couples


Enemies, unlikely allies, and eventual lovers – they all hold a place on this list of Top 10 Cutest Anime Couples. They love each other they fight to save each other but sometime they fight against each other. Some couples are from the series which are ended but they still have place to be in it.

10 – Asuna and kirito

Anime: Sword Art Online

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Asuna and kirito meet each other in a game where they could die any second fighting monsters together. Unlike normal couples there was no awkwardness between them from the start they fought side by side saving each other’s life countless times. Trying to get back to the real world they fell in love with each other and got married inside the game as well. They fight hard to defeat the game and get back to the real world so they can actually be together.

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  • Zad

    Not a bad list but you are batshit crazy if you think there exists a romance between Kurosaki Ichigo and Rukia and that Sasuke and Sakura make a good couple. One sided romances don’t make them a cute couple. Cannot even imagine Sasuke loving anyone but himself.

    • Max

      kurosaki ichigo and rukia are not shown as couple in anime but there is quite a bit silent romance in between them throughout all the series. i still want them to be a couple but its all up to writes i suppose.

  • Zarathos No Daimaōh

    With all the actually existing anime couples , and with so many better ones , you managed to pick half that arent even a couple ? Wow